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The Auld Rogue

What the devil is a rogue, a question on many a tongue,

Would ye say he'd be a clever fella, or just a regular bum?

Hint at the first and friend you will be, his face all sunshine and light

god forbid mention the second, you'll be a thundering gobshite


He'll greet you with a ready smile, or more a three toothed grin,

A wink perhaps, a rosy cheek, maybe even a dimple on his chin

His shiny locks are neat and tidy, at the front a cows lick

And if occasion does demand, then a dob of saliva does the trick


He's never short of a bob or two, though it's not wealth he is after

If to trade he has devil a bit, he will draw you to haggle and barter

If at times he's a little short, and required to be thrifty,

He'll promise he is an honorable man, if perhaps a little shifty


If it's some work that you need doing, then you can put it his way

He'll graft and give it some elbow grease, but perhaps not today,

Because the sun is on his back, and a light breeze in his face

To toil on this lovely day, would be a bloody disgrace


Come'ere, I'll tell ye a good one he says, pouring a generous measure,

A pint and a drop of ten year old, lubricating his pleasure,

He'll guide you trough some woven truths, and deeds of mighty fair

With bailing twine to hold his trousers, but his manner so debonair


This man can look back in pride, at the labor of his fruits

With an apple in each pocket, and some mud on his boots

All the way from Galway to Dublin, from Limerick to Donegal

On this road well travelled, he has probably seen it all


So if you should see this man about town, with a swagger to his gait

The garb of course is not too shabby, if perhaps a little bit quaint

Scratch your head if you will, is it the prince or the toad?


The man before you is his lordship, the infamous AULD ROGUE.



                                                                                by J. Lillis

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