We are happy to bring you all of your favourite sports!

Follow your favourite team and enjoy a good pint in great company!

American Football

College Football

Sat 21st of Sept

6:00 pm

UCF vs Pittsburgh

9:30 pm

Auburn vs Texas A&M


Sun 22nd of Sept

7:00 pm

Ravens vs Chiefs

10:00 pm

Steelers vs 49ers



Rugby World Cup 2019


Sat 21st of September

11:45 am New Zealand vs South Africa


Sun 22 nd of September

9:45 am  Ireland vs Scotland

12:45 pm England vs Tonga


Sat 28th of September

9:15 am Japan vs Ireland

11:45 am South Africa vs Namibia


Sun 29th of September

9:45 am Australia vs Wales


Sat 5th of October

10:00 am England vs Argentinia

12:30 am Japan vs Samoa


Sat 12th of October

12:45 pm Ireland vs Samoa

10:15 am England vs France


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