We want to give you a taste of typical Irish pub food! 

We offer a fantastic range of home-cooked favourites:



Cheese Burger                          Celtic Burger

With Irish cheddar                      Melted cheese and sauteed onions


Bacon & Cheese                        Auld Rogue Burger

Crispy bacon and cheddar 's spicy!


Build your own Burger             Chicken Burger


BBQ Burger                                Cajun Burger

Hommade BBQ Sauce,Cheddar      Spiced chicken with cheddar

& crispy bacon


Veggie Burger Cajun Style




Chicken Caesar Wrap

Tender chicken, crispy bacon & lettuce with a homemade caesar dressing


Cajun Cicken Wrap

Spiced Chicken, peppers & creme fraiche


Vegetarian Wrap

Lettuce, cheese & fried egg




Mixed salad                                      Chicken Salad

Mixed leaf salad with carrots,              Grilled chicken on a bed of fresh salad

tomato, cucumber, sweet corn

with yoghurt dressing


Small side salad                                Tuna Salad





Steak Sandwich                                   Tuna Sandwich

served with chips & a side salad              served with crisps


BLT                                                        Club Sandwich

Sandwich with crispy bacon, cheese,        Sandwich with chicken breast and

tomato, lettuce & mayonaise served         crispy bacon served with chips & salad

with chips & salad

Ham & Cheese Panini

served with crisps


Tomato and Mozzarella Panini

served with crisps



Shepherd´s Pie

served with salad and chips


Fish & Chips      


Chilli Con Carne                                 


Traditional Homemade Soup

Served with bread and butter


Homemade Chips

Hand cut chips served in a basket


Cheese Nachos


Chilli Beef Nachos


Deep Fried Camembert

served on a bed of lettuce with cranberry sauce




Battered Fish Chunks

served with homemade chips


Chicken Goujons

served with homemade chips


Cheese Sandwich

served with homemade chips


Ham & Cheese Sandwich

served with homemade chips




Chocolate Muffin

Warm chocolate muffin

Served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce  


Apple Pie & Ice cream


Cheese Cake & Cream


Bowl of Vanilla Ice cream

with chocolate sauce and wafer





Traditional Irish Breakfast              Vegetarian Breakfast

Sausages, Irish bacon,black &            Potato cake, mushrooms, grilled tomato,

white pudding,grilled tomato,              baked beans, toast

baked beans, mushrooms, 

potato cake and toast


Homemade scones

Served with butter and jam




(Ask the staff for our daily special)