We want to give you a taste of typical Irish pub food! 

We offer a fantastic range of home-cooked favourites:


All burgers served with homemade chips or a side salad


Cheese Burger                          Celtic Burger

With Irish cheddar                      Melted cheese and sauteed onions


Bacon & Cheese                        Auld Rogue Burger

Crispy bacon and cheddar 's spicy!


Build your own Burger             Chicken Burger


BBQ Burger                                Veggie Burger Cajun Style

Hommade BBQ Sauce,Cheddar      with irish ceddar

& crispy bacon


Extra toppings are available!

Ask our staff for our BURGER SPECIALS!




Chicken Caesar Wrap

Tender chicken, crispy bacon & lettuce with a homemade caesar dressing


Cajun Cicken Wrap

Spiced Chicken, peppers & creme fraiche


Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap

Crispy chicken with sweet chilli sauce and irish cheddar


Vegetarian Wrap

Lettuce, cheese & fried egg




Caesar Salad salad                                      

Mixed  salad withwith strips of grilled chicken             

breast, crispy Irish bacon, shaved parmesan

and buttered croutons


Small side salad                                





Steak Sandwich                                   

served with chips & a side salad             


BLT                                                        Club Sandwich

Sandwich with crispy bacon, cheese,        Sandwich with chicken breast and

tomato, lettuce & mayonaise served         crispy bacon served with chips & salad

with chips & salad

Ham & Cheese Panini

served with crisps


Tomato and Mozzarella Panini

served with crisps





Shepherd´s Pie

served with salad and chips


Fish & Chips      


Chilli Con Carne                                 


Traditional Homemade Soup

Served with bread and butter


Homemade Chips

Hand cut chips served in a basket


Cheese Nachos


Chilli Beef Nachos






Battered Fish Chunks

served with homemade chips


Chicken Goujons

served with homemade chips


Cheese Sandwich

served with homemade chips


Ham & Cheese Sandwich

served with homemade chips




Chocolate Muffin

Warm chocolate muffin

Served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce  


Apple Pie & Ice cream




Bowl of Vanilla Ice cream

with chocolate sauce and wafer





Traditional Irish Breakfast              Vegetarian Breakfast

Sausages, Irish bacon,black &            Potato cake, mushrooms, grilled tomato,

white pudding,grilled tomato,              baked beans, toast

baked beans, mushrooms, 

potato cake and toast                         Pancakes, crispy bacon & maple syrup


Scrambled Eggs & Toast                  Scrambled Egg & Crispy Bacon





(Ask the staff for our daily special)