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We host whisky tastings, beer tastings and other events at The Auld Rogue. Contact us to arrange your private tastings, Christmas and birthday parties, or hail & farewells 


Our second public gin tasting was a resounding success on Dec 30th - so much so we will be doing another one soon! Until we decide on the details, click on the poster below for information about the last tasting...

Gin Tasting on December 30th at 14:00


In our second whisky tasting of 2018, Peter will be presenting some incredible, aged whiskies - you need to see these to believe them! Check out the poster below for details of the "Aged to Perfection" tasting on March 3rd at 14:00! A brief introduction will be given to each of the whiskeys and the best way to enjoy them. The rest is up to your palate! You will also be able to order or buy bottles at a special price after the tasting. Three rounds of mouth-watering finger food are provided.

"Aged to Perfection" Whisky Tasting on March 3rd at 14:00


This multi-facetted international tasting takes in a wide range of different beer styles. From golden to black, from America to the Baltic, from IPA to porter, there is something for everyone here, making this the perfect opportunity to experience the glorious creation that is beer in all its wonderful variety! As always, there are three rounds of mouth-watering food. A brief introduction is given to each of the beers and the best way to enjoy them. The rest is up to your palate.

Beer Tasting on Feb 17th at 14:00


Here is the latest list of tastings for 2018. We also cater for hail & farewells, Christmas and birthday parties, and private whiskey and beer tastings. Click on the image below - our contact details are on it as well!

Our tastings in 2018


Our ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BREAKFAST BUFFET is on every Sunday from 10:00-12:30. Enjoy a feast of Irish breakfast specialities together with other early morning favourites, including: Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, black & white pudding, beans, ham, cheese, smoked salmon and much, much more, with tea, coffee and orange juice to quench your thirst! Adults pay €16.00 while kids under 14 get it all for half the price!

KARAOKE NIGHT - Now twice a month!

The next Karaoke Night will be on Saturday February 17th from 20:00. Felix and the gang will be back at The Auld Rogue together with all the hopeful songmasters for another evening of fun and entertainment!