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We host whisky tastings, beer tastings and other events at The Auld Rogue. Contact us to arrange your private tastings, Christmas and birthday parties, or hail & farewells 


Four back-to-back tastings in September to launch the NFL season and to kick-start a winter of fun and frollicks at The Auld Rogue. Click on the flyer below for initial information about the tastings!

Super September 2017


Our next whisky tasting is on August 19th at 14:00: New v Old - Irish v Scottish. This tasting takes a look at some of the newest movers and shakers on the whisky scene in both Ireland and Scotland... and at the same time revisits the past with two recreations of old, traditional whiskies. The Irish whiskies pay homage to bourbon and especially sherry while the Scotch whiskies tip their hats to the great divider: peat! This is one you definitely shouldn't miss... A brief introduction will be given to each of the whiskeys and the best way to enjoy them. The rest is up to your palate! You will also be able to order or buy bottles at a special price after the tasting. Three rounds of mouth-watering finger food are provided. Click on the flyer below for details of the amazing whiskies up for sampling!

New v Old Whisky Tasting on August 19th at 14:00


The next beer tasting is on September 9th, 2017, at 14:00. This is part of our SUPER SEPTEMBER month of 4 back-to-back tastings. We are currently working on the beers we will have on offer and we hope to have a guest brewer to present their wares! Keep your eyes on this spot for more details... For the moment, the flyer below shows the beers we had at our last beer tasting to give you an idea of what we offer - just in case you haven't been to one of our beer tastings before. If not - why not?!

Beer Tasting on July 22nd, 2017, at 14:00


Here is the revised list of tastings for the rest of 2017, including our first ever public GIN TASTING. We also cater for hail & farewells, Christmas and birthday parties, and private whiskey and beer tastings. Click on the image below - our contact details are on it as well!

Revised list of our tastings in 2017


Our ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BREAKFAST BUFFET is on every Sunday from 10:00-12:30. Enjoy a feast of Irish breakfast specialities together with other early morning favourites, including: Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, black & white pudding, beans, ham, cheese, smoked salmon and much, much more, with tea, coffee and orange juice to quench your thirst! Adults pay €16.00 while kids under 14 get it all for half the price!


The next Karaoke Night will be on Saturday August 5th from 20:00. Felix and the gang will be back at The Auld Rogue together with all the hopeful songmasters for another evening of fun and entertainment!